A Day At Camp

I do believe it’s time for another adventure.

~Bilbo Baggins in “The Return of the King”, Peter Jackson

A day at camp.

All day long explore the variety of possibilities in a safe, secure outdoor environment. A Counselor will show you the way and will always be close at hand.

Every day is different…here is just one of the many special days at Camp Allen!


7:30 Rise and Shine
8:30 Breakfast! Eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, yogurt and fruit!
9:00 Raise the flag and morning sing-a-long with your firends.
9:30 Take a walk down near the wellands to find natures treasures. Turtles, birds and butterflies are your companions.
11:00 Create a nature collage masterpiece with items found on your hike.
12:30 Lunch! Hamburgers, chips and salad. YUMMMMM!
1:00 Quiet time with friends in your cabin. Write in your Camp Allen journal\, play board games or take a quick snooze!
2:30 Beach ball volleyball in the pool!
4:00 Bedford Fire Department comes to visit. See how the firetruck works, try on the fire captain’s coat, boots and helmet!
5:30 Dinner. Barbecue on the green.
6:00 80’s Rock Night! Dress up and dance to the music of the 1980’s. Try Karaoke!
8:30 Return to cabins and prepare for lights out.