A letter from Dr. Plotnik

March, 2017
Hello campers, families and friends of Camp Allen! We are looking forward to another successful, fun and healthy summer at Camp. For summer 2017 we have made many changes to our health system, that include a new health center, additional nursing staff, and new medication protocols. This will ensure that our goal is met (for safety and sustained health) and that your loved one has the best time ever!
Let me introduce myself. My name is Lisa Plotnik, MD. I am the Camp’s Medical Director. I am also an internal medicine-pediatrics physician working for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester. I provide primary care to children and adults, many with childhood-onset illnesses or disabilities. My role as the Camp’s Medical Director is to ensure that our nurses and counselors have adequate medical support and back-up to care for all of our wonderful campers. I also provide medical care for the counselors who come to the US to work at camp, and thus don’t have a primary care physician.
For the third summer we are going to continue our relationship with Acton Pharmacy. As our campers age and Camp Allen grows, we have more medically complex campers, requiring more medications to stay healthy. These medications can come with complicated instructions as well as greater numbers of pills or liquids to administer.
Acton Pharmacy will send us your loved one’s medications on a blister card with medications in pockets organized by dosing time, in the Meds On Time format. If you have any questions about what this is, here is a link to their website http://actonpharmacy.com/medicine-on-time/.
This allows the nurse to confirm what is in the pocket (to ensure all of the medications needed for this time are present) and then administer the medications quickly, without having to pour from each bottle or pop a pill out of each cardboard container of pills.
This ensures that medications are given appropriately, in a timely fashion, with less risk of medication errors.
Everyone at Camp wants to make sure that medications are given simply, quickly and not the focus of the Camp experience.
That being said, we will be having 2 full-time nurses at camp each session to ensure that medications are being administered as quickly and as safely as can be, with the least amount of difficulty to the campers. While some of your loved ones may be on one or two medications, some campers can be on as many as 20 different medications. When nurses are trying to administer medications to up to 75 campers, many which are time-sensitive, our goal is safety for our campers.
If you have any questions or concerns, I am reachable through the Camp Allen office, 603-622-8471.
Thank you for your assistance and your trust,

Lisa M. Plotnik, MD, FAAP

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