A letter of encouragement!

Today I thought I would share a letter I received from Richard from England/Australia.  Richard was a counselor at Camp Allen for 4 years and made an incredible impact on many campers lives throughout his time here.  Richard wrote me this letter to encourage the staff for summer 2015 to get the most out of their campers and to learn from them!  It is such a wonderful feeling to know that our staff past and present always have our campers in their thoughts!

Thanks Richard!


Camp Allen 2015,

Firstly I would just like to say what an incredible decision you have all made on choosing to spend your summer at, what can only be described as ‘the best place on earth’.
I am extremely jealous yet ridiculously happy that you all get to experience what many people have before and what many people will in the future, and that is the magic of camp allen and its special campers. These campers will not only have you laughing all day; crying with emotion when they leave or fill you with extreme happiness, but they will also leave you with some of the fondest memories for the rest of your life.
Camp Allen holds a special place in so many people’s hearts, myself included, and I’m sure that now after your first session at camp you will begin to realise why Camp Allen is so special. My 4 summers at camp were the best ever! Camp and the campers will teach you so much, sometimes without you even realising it, and the campers and camp definitely helped shape where I am today. The campers, continuously left me amazed and filled the days with the most special memories that will live with me forever, and I have no doubt they will do exactly the same for all of you this summer.
So I would just like to say, enjoy the summer in the camp allen family, love everyday you have there and cherish every moment with your campers, create life long friendships and relationships, and have no regrets.
Be nervous, be happy, be emotional, be silly, be creative, be yourself and Camp Allen will give you the time of your life!
All the best for the summer!
Richard Arberry
p.s who ever is Tommy’s counsellor this year; i am extremely jealous of you and start listening to the beach boys now!!

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