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For the next few posts I am going to have some guest stars!  Today’s post features Abby one of our Program Coordinators.  She is going to tell you about her experience as a Camp Allen staff member so far!  Please give a read and enjoy!


While at Camp Allen, I feel like I have been here forever, but at the same time, like time has passed by in a flash. Working at Camp Allen is one of the most unique experiences a person can have. Each day seems so long in the moment, but before you know it, sessions come to an end, campers come and go, and more and more special memories are made in a matter of weeks. Each day is a chance to make new memories and experience different things. These few days that campers are able to have at Camp Allen can make memories that last a lifetime. As an employee of Camp Allen, you want nothing more but to guarantee the experience of a lifetime. While this is hard work, it can be the most rewarding thing to know a camper had a good time. Whether their feelings are expressed through words, emotions, or body language, to know that campers had a good time is our mission at Camp Allen.

From my own experiences, I have learned so much about how much work goes into making Camp possible for so many different kinds of people. I was a past camper from 2011-2013, coming each year for MDA week. When at camp, I had never felt so welcomed to place of strangers. Each staff member you would pass would give you a smile. Anyone was willing to help with your needs. It was the efforts of all the counselors that made Camp Allen such a unique place. When I had aged out of the session, I wanted to find a way to return that same companionship to other campers who would attend camp for future sessions to come. I applied as a Program Coordinator, not exactly sure what to expect. I had my heart set on making a difference in other people’s lives. What I didn’t expect was the amount of work, dedication, and heart it takes to keep Camp Allen going strong.
One a day-to-day basis, my tasks includes planning and preparation of daily activities, morning group activities, and evening activities. Day activities include a variety of things, including crafts, sports, and anything cabins might wish to do during the day. During morning and evening activities, all the campers come together to either compete or work together in a variety of games or themed activities, but most importantly, to have fun. The amount of thought and creativity that goes into each day can be exhausting. To think of activities that most campers could enjoy while also making them adaptable can be challenging. While having a job in Programs can be overwhelming at times, none of it would be able to come to life without the teamwork of all counselors and Camp Allen staff working together. With the help of counselors’ enthusiasm and cooperation, any activity is doable in one-way or another. Making Camp Allen possible truly relies on the cooperation between staff members, each giving a helping hand to the other when we need it most.
Through the ups and downs of the previous session, we as a whole have learned valuable skills of cooperation, dedication, and qualities of friendship. To be a friend to another is sometimes the most important thing to have in one’s life. We at Camp Allen make everyone feel welcomed to our home, as we should do on a day to day basis. Letting go of judgment against something we don’t understand and accepting things for how they are is an important lesson in life. Once you can let go of your own perceptions of the world and open your heart to others, you can make incredible relationships with people and learn things you’d never imagine. At Camp Allen, we try our best to open our hearts and come together as one, making this place a bigger part in somebody’s life.



  1. One of the best decisions made this year was hiring Abby! She truly “gets” Camp Allen!

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