Busy With My Future

Two campers making lifelong friends with each other.
Peer Work, a facilitated work training program at Camp Allen in Bedford, NH, is a program designed for young adults ages 17-25 who have cognitive challenges.

Participants receive hands-on experience in a natural employment setting, working side-by-side with mentors who provide on the job training. This program is designed to create future employment opportunities for individuals with developmental challenges by providing experience and references. Some of the work includes outdoor maintenance, laundry, janitorial tasks, kitchen work, camp store management, gardening, etc.

Peer Work has been in existence since 2008.  During that time, a total of 53 participants have completed the program.  We do not have data for the first 2 years, but the data for the last four years is significant.  Of the 34 workers employed, there are currently 21 persons that have been through the program and are working.  This is above the national average and shows a commitment to employment by Camp Allen, the parents, the Peer Work team, and especially the young adults.

Employment for workers for this report includes BOTH full time and part time.  The places of employment include the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, McIntyre Ski Area, a law firm, the Salvation Army, a hotel, Southern New Hampshire University, The Red Cross, The YMCA, the Federal Building, Camp Allen and many others!  All data in this report has been obtained by direct contact with the participants of Peer Work.

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