Independence Is Cool

Campers listening and learning independence together.

“Life Camp is the best!”,

says James Ouillette who has attended this very exciting camp session for several years.
Parents, how many of you have heard your child say “I don’t want to live here!” or “I want to be more independent!”. Those of us with children who are young adults have all experienced this!

Camp Allen provides a week long emersion session for young adults who want to live more independently and make good and safe life decisions. Held the third week of May, the session is limited to not more than 12 campers. The cost of Life Camp is $600 for the week, with $100 returned to the camper to budget for the week. Both campers and counselors pay for their food, transportation costs, fun activities, and any other expenses they incur during the week.

The curriculum is varied with opportunities to learn and grow. Campers will develop a resume and participate in mock interviews with a professional that they do not know. They will learn about the cost of care if a pet is in their future. Campers and counselors will visit the statehouse in Concord to learn about how our government works and may meet the Governor! The campers and counselors will go to the mall (temptation!) and enjoy a meal in a nice restaurant and go to a Fisher Cats game! They will decide as a group what they will eat and learn how to prepare their meals. Shopping at the grocery store and comparing prices is a daily activity. They will learn basic first aid, how to be safe at home, when to call Mom, the landlord, the police or fire department. Phone calls to set up activities, meals, or transportation is all done by the campers so they may have to order a pizza from a local shop, or call a taxi for transportation to the game. Campers and counselors have chores at camp and work in teams to plant gardens or open the pool area or set up the program office and camp store for the summer. They will learn how to build good healthy relationships and friendships. Our medical director will talk to them about health, hygiene, nutrition and taking good care of your body. The campers return home with a resume, recipes for simple meals, their written budget summary for the week, a cd of photos from their week and in almost all cases some of their $100!!

Campers arrive on Sunday afternoon, May 18 at 3 p.m. Michael Constance, Camp Director, will go over the schedule with the campers and counselors, we provide their dinner and morning breakfast. On Saturday morning May 24, we ask family and friends to attend a continental breakfast at 9 where the campers will show a video and talk about their experiences. Each camper will receive a certificate of completion.

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  1. camp allen rocks. i really enjoy going here every summer. i have loads of fun while i am here. i get to make new friends and see old ones too, especially the really cool staff who are from around the globe. it gives me a change of pace from my own lifestyle at home. i really love it here. this is the best summer camp ever. i have gone here for years and have done life camp 2 times(this is my 4th year this summer.) during life camp i learned a lot, like meeting w/ the governor, maggie hassan at the state house in concord, budgeting, doing practice interviews and resumes, cleaning, and cooking, but most importantly, just hanging out and enjoying myself. if you haven’t had a chance to go here, please do so. it is very awesome experience for you.

    Tim Houle

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