Chatter about Camp Allen!

Moms, counselors, staff, and campers sound off about their experience!


Flo's ProviderFlo

I like singing around the campfire and making marshmallow, s’mores and graham crackers. I like seeing old friends and making new friends. It’s a vacation for me and my providers go on vacation too. Camp Allen is a place where I feel safe and loved. I like the counselors and I like all the hugs that I get when I’m there and people are happy to see me. I like dancing. We listen to music outside and people dance and we have a prom night. We get to dress up for Halloween and we get to have Christmas even though it’s hot and it’s summer. It’s hard when Camp ends.  I feel sad and I cry a little bit but I know I’ll be back.  I think about it all year and look forward to it and talk about it all the time!


Counselor: Kelsey

It’s almost impossible to put into words the affect that Camp has on every individual who goes here, whether that be camper or counselor. On a daily basis the whole place is exploding with love and happiness, something that just doesn’t seem real in the outside world. The campers that come here are quite possibly the most amazing people I will ever come across in my life, and the life lessons they have taught me will stay with me for as long as I live. I’ll forever be thankful for multiple summers full of laughter, tears and memories that can never be beaten. Camp Allen has given me so many opportunities since I discovered it, and allowed me to become a person I never thought I’d be.


Counselor: Harry

Summer 2017 was my second year at camp and returning was by far the best decision ever. Camp Allen is a place where fun, care and love are balanced perfectly for both campers and counselors. Camp will never stop teaching me how to be better in life and that is down to the individuals who come during the summer. These campers are the most hilarious, intelligent, loving and best people, and this was shown to me even more this past summer. There’s not many things better

than spending time with them and I can’t thank them all enough for giving me so much by just being themselves. Friendships with campers and their incredible families and carers last forever and Summer 2017 gave me this and more.


Richard's Sister LindaRichard’s Sister Linda

My brother, Richard, attends one session each summer and works at the camp for the balance of the season. This has been a wonderful experience for him and the highlight of the year. He’s made many friends and been given a true sense of self-worth. I can’t say enough about the positive impact that Camp Allen has had on him and we are all so thankful for the opportunity he’s been given.


Laurinda's MomLaurinda’s Mom

If you are looking for a fun filled vacation for your child or individual you support I highly recommend Camp Allen. The staff is awesome not to mention their friendliness and genuine concern for all those who attend the camp. There are numerous activities available for all the individuals to participate in. The best thing about Camp Allen is the huge smiles I see on everyones face when I arrive to pick up Laurinda. Thank you Camp Allen!


Cal and Michaela's MomCal and Michaela’s Mom

The staff at Camp Allen, from counselors to directors to kitchen help and everyone in between are extraordinary people. Every last one was dedicated to the camper’s safety, happiness, and well being. Patient, energetic, full of life and fun, they are the heart and soul of Camp Allen!


Camper JimCamper Jim

Having attended Camp Allen formany years, I would highly recommend Camp Allen to all my friends and to any interested parties. Camp is great and staff are tuned in to the needs of campers. Very polite and professional.


Counselor Amy

Camp for me this summer was one of the most mind blowing and phenomenal experiences I have ever had. Camp Allen brings so much love and joy into your life that you hardly recognize yourself anymore. I genuinely believe that Camp Allen gave me more than I ever gave it, I have met the most amazing people, campers and staff. Camp made me realize what it is like to be happy every day for no single reason other than the air we breathe and the people we surround ourselves with. There truly is no place on earth like Camp Allen, we have so much fun and share so much laughter, the paint fights and messy times make it all that more special too and I for one cannot wait to return and do it all again! Everyone needs a bit of Camp Allen in their life.


2015 Season Photo 261

Camper Albert

It is the time to spend and to look forward to seeing new friends and exploring the difference between us all. The counselors are doing their job when it comes to us because they know what is good for our interests & health. See you guys in 2018!