The Camp Allen Team

Michael Constance Executive Director of Camp Allen

Why Camp Allen?

I came to Camp Allen at age 20 looking for something different to do. I spent the previous 4 summers working as a painter, and it had become boring and repetitive. My life was changed when my first camper walked up the hill. Wednesdays are “shave days” at Camp Allen. I gave my camper, Michael, his shaving cream and razor. He did an alright job, missing a few hairs here and there. When his home provider came to pick him up on Friday, she said that I missed a few spots on his face when shaving him. Surprised, I replied, “I did not shave him, he did it himself.” The provider was shocked! She said in the 15 years she has known him Michael had never shaved himself. She then thanked me for discovering a skill that Michael had that she was unaware of. To this day, I am proud to know that I made a small difference in Michael’s life. That was the first of countless times I have witnessed Camp Allen staff making a difference in camper’s lives. I choose Camp Allen because I can be a catalyst for change, big or small, and I get to spend time with the best people, our campers!



Why Camp Allen?

I first came to Camp Allen as a counselor in 2010 at the age of 23. Up until that point, I had effectively coasted through life without pushing myself too much. I had no direction as to a career path and hadn’t found any job in life where I felt as though I was making a difference.  That all changed within my first session at Camp Allen.

To say I felt out of my depth would be an understatement. But with an amazing team around me, I quickly learned how important it was for me to lose my fear of failure and my ego. To be creative, fun, loving and most importantly, empathetic. Within a few hours, I felt like a different person. I was amazed to see how returning counselors looked so at ease, creating incredible bonds with their campers in such a short space of time. And it motivated me to do the same. I fell in love with Camp Allen, it’s campers, and everyone involved in what we do.

7 years later and I now live at Camp Allen. I feel so blessed that I get to see my favorite people every summer as well as meeting so many fantastic new campers and their families each year.



Deb Shulte Office Manager of Camp Allen

Why Camp Allen?

I came to Camp Allen in October of 2000, not knowing much about the camp itself, but because I love doing paperwork! After getting through the first winter I was in for the best time of my life as I started meeting the campers and staff. I love the joy and excitement on the campers faces as they walk up the hill for their vacation and enjoy watching new staff grow as the summer progresses. There is simply no better place to be!!


Camp Allen’s Awesome Summer Team

The Staff
Stephen Daley Camp Director
Deaglan O’Rourke Assistant Director
Emily Cutler Assistant Director
Lauren Crowley Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
TBD Coordinator of Fun and Games
TBD Coordinator of Fun and Games
TBD Coordinator of Fun and Games
TBD Assistant Coordinator of Fun
TBD Lifeguard and Waterfront Coordinator
TBD Nursing Assistant and general gopher


Camp Allen Fabulous Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Bret Cote President President, Clark Insurance
Daniel Duhamel Vice President Vice President, The Rowley Agency
Laurence Levine Secretary Owner, Clarendon Wine
Thomas Aites Treasurer Vice President, TD Bank


Victor Berman Senior Vice President Moors and Cabot
Terri McGrew Past District Governor Lions 44N
Lisa Plotnik, MD Camp Allen Medical Director Dartmouth Hitchcock
Brian Baroody Project Manager Eckman Construction
Scott Dudley Principal  Eagle Point Investment Advisors
John Cronin P.C. Bisson & Zalinsky
Sebastain Grasso CEO Windham Group
Judie Post Independant Non Profit Consultant

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